National Park

Here it is: the unforgetable Finnish lakeland landscape. Magical and full of wonders yet very true and tangible Koli National Park.

Forget your everyday life, pack your backpack and escape to the woods. Walk up the trails to the bare bedrock hill tops and look over Lake Pielinen as far as eye can see. Take the trails down to the valleys and feel the heritage of the slash and burn agriculture around you.

The great elevation differences between the hills' summits and the surroundings are charaterictic of Koli. Bare bedrock and steep hillsides, a gorge valley and meadows created by slash and burn agriculture make Koli a unique hiking destination that you want to visit time after time.

Take the short half hour scenic trail of the highest tops or hike the the entire 60 kilometre long Herajärvi Trail. There are plenty of outdoor options at Koli.

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