Koli- Paljon enemmän kuin laskettelukeskus

Koli Ski - The Ukko-Koli ski resort

The ski resort and Break Sokos Hotel Koli are in the heart of Koli National Park and offer unique leisure possibilities in an incomparable landscape.
Here, the pure and magical North Karelian nature is ever-present, all year round.

Koli is not just any travel destination, but a state of mind – a place where you’ll feel your connection to nature, recuperate and rest.

On the flank of Koli National Park, Koli Ski or the Ukko-Koli ski resort, awaits downhill skiers. We offer you both challenging slopes and slopes that are good fun for the entire family.

The Ukko-Koli ski resort has six versatile ski slopes and four ski lifts.

When you stay at Break Sokos Hotel Koli, you’re within easy reach of Ukko-Koli, which is right outside the front door!

Enjoy your stay!

Koli- Paljon enemmän kuin laskettelukeskus


Bring your office to the top of Koli!

How about unwinding with a short hike and a campfire coffee after a day of business meetings? Or planning a new project in a hot tub with panoramic lake views? At Koli, you can effortlessly organise a meeting or a memorable staff activity day in a breathtaking location.

Come and enjoy Koli with your own team or with your business partners and guests! Here you will find everything you need from conference and meeting rooms to accommodation and memorable activities.

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