1. Equipment: Please check that the equipment is functioning, and that the ties are correctly adjusted. A helmet is recommended.
  2. How to behave in the lifts: Please wait for your turn in the lift queue and try to fill all the spaces in the lifts. Don’t zigzag on the way up, but stay on the track. Only get off in the disembarking zones.
  3. Ski according to your skill level: Please choose the slope and your speed according to your skill level. Always acquaint yourself with slopes requiring special skills beforehand.
  4. Giving way: Please pass other skiers at a sufficient distance. The skier coming from above and from behind always gives way. Pay special attention to small children.
  5. Stopping on the slope: Always stop in a place where you can be noticed. If you’re ascending, always use the side of the slope.
  6. Regulate your speed: Always regulate your speed according to your skill level. Take the local slope and snow conditions into consideration.
  7. No sledging on the ski slopes: Sledging is only allowed in the zones assigned to it.
  8. You always ski at your own risk: You must always be particularly careful outside the maintained slopes, and you should never ski there on your own. Please note that it is forbidden to ski outside the slopes at the Ukko-Koli ski resort in the Koli National Park.
  9. Don’t ski under the influence of alcohol: Skiing on the slopes under the influence of alcohol is forbidden.
  10. Help: In the event of an accident, it’s everybody’s obligation to help. Notify the personnel about accidents without delay.

Fetch your own copy of the ski slope safety guide at the ticket sale booths or the ski hire. If required, you’ll get help and further instructions from the ski resort personnel and the ski instructors.

Please note that the slope and ski hire personnel, ski instructors and Red Cross slope officers have the right and obligation to interfere in dangerous situations and, if required, take away the lift ticket from people who do not abide by the slope rules.

Skiers are responsible for their own insurance cover, e.g. travel, luggage, accident, leisure or liability insurance.

Ski slope rules: