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The traditional Finnish cures – sauna, water and nature – are all present at Koli Relax Spa.


Do you prefer a dip in cold water like Lake Pielinen in April or in the warm water of a tropical lagoon? You will find both at Koli Relax Spa.

  • light & music pool 34 ℃
  • hot tub 34 ℃
  • cold pool 7 ℃
  • foot baths 34 ℃
  • cold & hot foot tub 7 / 34 ℃
  • outdoor tubs offering a view to the nature and landscape of Koli 34 ℃


Koli Relax Spa offers you showers that stimulates all senses. A thunderstorm in the Caribbean, a scented rainforest and cool oceanic mists take you on a mini-holiday to exotic destinations. Return home refreshed via the cold Kolin Kuohu shower. It is like an autumn storm raging through Koli, leaving the world fresh and clean.

  • Special showers with lights and sound
  • Kolin Kuohu cold shower


Pick your favourite of our three saunas. From the hottest, naturally, Finnish sauna to the mild and humid steam sauna. All saunas are for mixed company.

  • Finnish sauna "Fire" 80–90 ℃
  • Aromatic sauna "Earth" 60–70 ℃
  • Steam sauna "Water" 40–50 ℃

Relax room

Top off your day of indulgence by stretching out on the heat bed in the Relax room and taking in the wonderful scenery. There are also tea or fruit for you in the room.


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